Top Tennis Academies in the World
Top Tennis Academies in the World (Source: Twitter)

Top Tennis Academies in the World

Tennis is a wonderful sport to watch, skillful athletes make it fun to watch and tennis academies around the world input skills into these athletes.

Tennis is a global sport which is proven by the fact that an estimated 1 billion people love tennis. Gitnux, a market research and insights firm, have some interesting statistics about tennis’ popularity.

  • The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has 2.2 million followers on Facebook.
  • Currently, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has 210 member nations.
  • The 2022 Australian Open recorded a whooping attendance of 812,000 spectators.

Interestingly in 2019, 25% of the age group 18-24 years were interested in tennis and the number is growing exponentially. A tennis academy has a major role in developing, nurturing, and growing the interest in tennis among teens and young adults.

Tennis academies play a crucial role in improving the scale of tennis. It is important to know the best ones around the world.

In this blog, we shall discover the best tennis academies that are making their contribution in preserving, developing, and improving the sport.

IMG Academy, Florida

Founded by a legendary tennis coach, Nick Bollettier in 1978, the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, IMG Academy has grown to become a world-renowned temple for sports education.

Today, IMG Academy is the world's premier sports education brand, offering student-athletes access and opportunities through an innovative array of on-campus and online programming.

IMG Academy supports the whole student-athlete growth journey, from discovery to specialization and graduation.

Academics Expertise

A strong curriculum, numerous learning opportunities that involve collaborative problem solving, and subject-specific projects in which students critically and creatively investigate their surroundings are the hallmarks of an IMG Academy education.

The IMG Academy curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance, and communication skills through traditional subject areas, while also providing student-athletes with opportunities to express themselves and pursue their passions through electives and co-curricular activities.

One of the best tennis academies - IMG Academy's post-graduate program allows student-athletes to improve their overall academic, athletic, and personal standing with college programs.

Academy Tuition and Aid

IMG Academy's residential program is designed for devoted and motivated student-athletes. The academy gives its student-athletes the required tools and resources needed to succeed in school, sports, college, and beyond.

The student-athlete's sport and the breadth of programming and resources determine tuition costs at IMG Academy.

For tennis, the tuition fee at the IMG Academy ranges from $69,400 to $93,900, depending upon the grade level or boarding and day tuition.

Emilio Sanchez Academy, Spain

The Emilio Sanchez Academy has 3 campuses around the world -

  • Barcelona, Spain 
  • Naples, Florida
  • Dubai, UAE

At the Emilio Sánchez Academy, the aim is to provide possibilities in tennis, education, and life. The academy prioritizes teaching and implementing the basic principles of respect, diligence, and discipline.

Emilio Sanchez Academy desires to raise successful young people in all parts of life while living in a loving family and vibrant community.

Comprehensive Academic Program

The ES Academy & American School College Planning & Placement program collaborates with student-athletes and families to develop a personalized plan for studying and playing tennis at the right collegiate level.

This effort begins when a student reaches high school, and it involves families, coaches, university admissions, and athletic staff in an integrated game plan.

Let's see what these features have to offer-

  • Create a clear, long-term game plan for the recruitment process.
  • A calendar outlining essential requirements for recruitment, financial aid, academic assessment, and admissions. 
  • Workshops about the college recruitment process.
  • SAT preparation begins with the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT NMSQT.
  • A focused SAT preparation program in 11th grade and the fall of 12th grade.
  • Individual, honest evaluations of the student-athlete's academic and tennis skills.
  • Assistance with college searches for "best fit" colleges in terms of academics and tennis.
  • Personal help with applications and essays.
  • Professional footage of game action to be transmitted to college coaches.
  • Help with the NCAA and NAIA eligibility.
  • Creation of contacts with college coaches.
  • Support with student visas and university registration.

ES Academy was founded with the goal of providing the best education in perfect harmony with the best tennis instruction.

Evert Tennis Academy, Florida

In 1996, Chrissie, John, and their father Jimmy launched the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. The Evert Tennis Academy immediately became and continues to be the home of numerous national and international junior players, top collegiate players, and some of the world's best pros.

By combining a champion's expertise with world-class coaching, cutting-edge training methods, and superior facilities, the Evert Tennis Academy can provide unequalled programs for players of all ages and abilities.

Programs by Evert Tennis Academy

Evert Tennis Academy's full-time training program, recognized as the gold standard in player development and personal character building, is designed for players dedicated to reaching their best potential both on and off the court.

Evert Tennis Academy encourages academic success and thinks that education should not take precedence over performance training. Rather, Evert’s strategies aim to generate well-rounded and educated student-athletes.

The academy offers cutting-edge technology, tutorial help, ACT prep classes, and SAT prep courses, all while providing the flexibility and attention that a serious athlete requires.

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, France

One of the world’s most visited destinations in the world, equipped with state-of-the-art sports facilities, Mouratoglou Tennis Academy is one of the best tennis academies in the world.

Mouratoglou Academy offers a variety of training programs that will help them achieve big results rapidly and provide them with all the tools a student need to succeed. Joining the Mouratoglou Academy for a course means joining a family of enthusiasts guided by a team of teachers who use the Mouratoglou approach, which has been proven effective for 25 years.

Tennis & School Program

Tennis & School program by Mouratoglou Tennis Academy provides young children with top-tier academic and sports instruction, allowing them to combine year-round intensive training and tournaments with a tailored school curriculum.

Academy’s Motto – Ensure Comprehensive Pupil Development.

Here are the important features of the program-

  • Two training sessions of one hour and thirty minutes per day, or one training session of two hours and thirty minutes (Monday through Friday).
  • Weekend training matches offer the possibility of free play.
  • No more than four players per court (equal skill levels).
  • Work on the fundamental technique.
  • Proficient in tactical skills.
  • Regular video analysis - PlaySight's video facilities.
  • Weekly match sessions.
  • 18 hours of individual coaching throughout the year.

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy not only aims to teach students to play tennis at a professional level, but to train them for life.

Saddlebrook Tennis Academy, Florida

Saddlebrook has trained great tennis competitors such as Alexander Zverev, John Isner, and Andy Roddick, and is consistently ranked as a top tennis academy in Florida and one of the best in the country.

Every year, a huge number of exceptional tennis players come to Saddlebrook to significantly enhance their game via good training, hard work, discipline, and drive.

Adult Tennis Program

The Tennis-Only program includes five hours of daily tuition for all skill levels, a sports drink/water, and extra free court time (if available). Private classes are provided daily at an extra cost.

Features of the Adult Tennis Program-

  • Get five hours of instruction daily
  • Water/Sports Drink
  • Additional complimentary court time (subject to availability)
  • Private lessons are available daily (at an extra fee)

One can wonder if an institution with an excellent tennis program is likely to charge higher. Well, the answer to it may vary as per the applicant’s purchasing power, but Saddlebrook Academy charges fair prices.

For winter, fall, and spring sessions, the academy charges $300 for full days and $225 for half days (AM or PM). Whereas for the summer sessions, the academy charges $245 for full days, $190 for half-days (AM), and $150 for half-days (PM).

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