Punjab FC vs Jamshedpur FC - Indian Super League 2024
Punjab FC vs Jamshedpur FC - Indian Super League 2024

Punjab FC vs Jamshedpur FC - Indian Super League 2024

In another contest of the Indian Super League, Punjab FC is confronting Jamshedpur FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. Let’s see which team is going to win.

This is the contest between Jamshedpur ranking at the (8th) spot, and Punjab at the (9th) spot. Punjab will look forward to maintaining the winning streak by conquering this match. Punjab is a debutant team, eager to mark their presence this season.

Team Performances So Far

Both teams are undergoing a good season. Punjab FC has played (14) matches, won (3), lost (6), and (5) went to draws. The story is quite similar in Jamshedpur’s case, the team has played (15) matches, won (3), lost (7), and (5) went to draws.

This competition is going to be a cut-throat competition as both the teams are extremely hungry for a win.

Performances at Home Grounds

Even the home-ground advantage is missing in the performances of both teams. Punjab FC has played (6) matches on the home ground, won (2), lost (2), and (2) went to draws. Jamshedpur FC has played (7) matches, won only one, lost (2), and (4) went to draws.

Performances at Away Grounds

If winning on the home grounds is getting difficult, then it is not at all an easy task to perform well on the away grounds. Both teams have a weak performance record at the away grounds.

Punjab FC has played (8) matches, won only one, lost (4), (5) resulted in a draw. Jamshedpur FC played (8) matches, won (2), lost (5), and (5) concluded in a draw.


Both teams confronted each other in two matches this season Jamshedpur FC won one match and another match went to a draw.

What’s at Stake for Both the Teams?

This is the first time Staikos Vergetis' team has been able to win two games in a row in the Indian Super League 2024 season, with the tactician conceding that his players are more suited to the top tier's challenges after the first few months.

They now have the chance to win back-to-back home games for the first time, and such runs should serve the team well in the coming games. Vergetis had previously stated that the team was having difficulty adjusting to the ISL's rapid shifts.

With momentum on both sides, we'll see if Punjab FC can play with the same confidence and courage as they did in the previous two meetings.

The previous match between the two teams ended in a goalless draw in Jamshedpur earlier this season. They will play Punjab FC away from home for the first time. However, they have won only once in their last five encounters with an opponent for the first time on away turf in the ISL, losing and drawing twice each.

Their goal-scoring woes from earlier in the season have been addressed, with each scoring once in the previous five games. Jamshedpur FC will be combative in the middle, making for an exciting match on Thursday.

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