Match Preview - Kerala Blasters FC vs FC Goa - ISL 2024
Kerala Blasters FC vs FC Goa - ISL 2024

Match Preview - Kerala Blasters FC vs FC Goa - ISL 2024

Over 6 goals were scored in the contest between Kerala Blasters FC and FC Goa. Kerala scored 4 and Goa scored 2. Let’s have a look at the preview of the contest.

We saw the first goal in the (7th) minute by Borges. FC Goa took the early lead. Then ten minutes later, Yasir scored another goal. Now Goa was leading the match by (2-0). Kerala Blasters FC could not score a goal in the first half.

FC Goa had tighter control of the match. But Kerala scored one goal in the (51st) match. The score was (2-1). Kerala had to level the score. But a few minutes were spent without much action. 

Both teams struggled hard. Goa struggled to restrict the goal and Kerala fought to score one.

Things went lucky for the Blasters. Diamantakos got the penalty and he encashed the opportunity. Now the score was leveled.

Kerala Blasters FC was not holding up. In the (81st) minute, Diamantakos scored another. The Blasters were leading now. They could have just held the ball, passing around. Kerala secured their win by scoring another goal in the (88th) minute.

How’s the Head-to-Head Record?

Both the teams gave a cut-throat competition to each other in the past matches. Considering the last five matches, Kerala won (2) matches, Goa won (2), and one match went to a draw

Kerala and Goa have proven to be evenly matched-opponents, with both teams displaying impressive skills and determination on the field. The upcoming match between these two teams is sure to be an exciting and closely contested battle.

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