Colombia Enters the 2024 Copa America Finals, Beats Uruguay in the Semis
URU vs COL (Source: Twitter)

Colombia Enters the 2024 Copa America Finals, Beats Uruguay in the Semis

Colombia won the 2024 Copa America Semifinals against Uruguay to enter the final and confront Argentina for the trophy.

Colombia defeated Uruguay in the 2024 Copa America Semifinals at Charlotte by 1-0. Despite having 10 men in the playing team for more than 45 minutes, Colombia grabbed the victory as Uruguay presented a loose attack.

With this win, the Colombia football team ended their 23-year-long wait to enter the finals of a major football tournament. As Colombia defeated Uruguay by 1-0 at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States – it is a moment worth recording the Colombia football history.

Colombia will now face Argentina in the 2024 Copa America Final.

Colombia’s First and Only Goal

Thanks to that one header from a corner by Jefferson Lerma which put the team in the lead in the first half. The Colombian team left no stone unturned in imposing intense pressure on the opposing team.

The contest turned a lot physical. The match witnessed 7 yellow and 1 red card. After all, winning the match would take the team to the finals, so players resorted to pushing one another for the ball possession.

Colombia Played with 10 Men

Things could have got tense for Colombia, and they could have lost the match after being reduced to 10 men before half-time. Daniel Munoz received his second yellow card after elbowing Manuel Ugarte in the chest, Daniel upon losing his cool had to be sent back to the bench with a red card.

Colombia had to play with a vacant Daniel Munoz position.

But winners tend to turn around adversities and bring out the best, Colombia did the same. With the hope of getting a victory, Colombia confronted Uruguay’s dominance in the second match, leaving no chance to score!

Uruguay had to Change the Tactics

When Marcelo decided to keep Luis Suarez on the bench as a tactical decision, he wouldn’t have thought of the need to send him again on the field. Colombia’s performance pushed Luis back on the field in the 66th minute to take a lead.

Suarez did equalize for the team, but the post denied it, shattering Uruguay’s chance to get back in the game. Despite having knee problems, Luis had to play for the team!

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A Historic Moment & an Emotional Celebration

Colombia’s win was nothing less than a gift to the fans around the nation.

Of course, players and spectators were left teary-eyed while celebrating the incredible victory. Colombia had been working hard to enter the Copa America final match since 2001 and James Rodriguez’s emotional celebration was a true reflection of that struggle, hardships and determination.

What’s next for the winners? Colombia will defend their 28-matches indispensable run (longest in football) as they lock horns with Argentina in the 2024 Copa America Final. 

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